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PortraitI was born in 1974. When I was eight I learned all the chessrules with the help of one of my best friends. With 12 I played my first chesstournament. I was really fascinated about the game and I read a lot of chessbooks. In the meantime I played over 1’000 tournamentgames and get know several of my best friends.

After my Matura-Exam I studied Philosophy, pedagogics and religious studies. Then I worked 5 years as a textwriter and adviser in public relations. Since 2010 I am a professional chesstrainer.  Over 20 years I was leading the chessgroup for Children and Youngsters in Aarau. In those years I worked a lot with Felix Hindermann and Roger Gloor who are now two very strong Swiss-Players. I organized many chesscourses for highly gifted children and was the leader of several chessweeks in schools.

As a chesstrainer I made the international certificate “FIDE-Instructor” and also the German Chesscertificate for schools. In the last two and a half years I was working a lot with children. I teached chess for about 25 hours a week – I also teached chess in the kindergarden. I also gave privatlessons for serious tournamentplayers and organized several squad-trainings for talents in Zürich and the eastern part of Switzerland. In the last two years I was allowed to train the Swiss-Men-Nationalteam three times.

As a tournamentplayer I play in the highest leage in Switzerland for Schwarz-Weiss Bern. One of my biggest success was in 2010 when I reaches the final of the Swiss-Chesscup. In the past few years I managed to hold my national Elo between 2180 and 2280.