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Chess courses for adults

Chesscourses for adults

Start after the summer holidays from 24th of August 2020 on. You can sign in and start whenever you want

  • Monday-evenings 19.00-20.30, for hobby-chessplayer; the knowledge of the basic rules is required. Trainer: Roger Gloor

  • Wednesday-evenings, 18.00-19.30 for beginners; Trainer: Roger Gloor
  • Friday-mornings 09.30 – 11.00, for beginners. Trainer: Annette Waaijenberg

  • Friday-evenings 19.00-20.30 , for Tournamentplayers. Trainer: Markus Regez

    Allgemeine Kurs-Richtlinien

CHF 280.- for 8 courses

If you are not able to come and you inform us at least one day before, then you can catch up the lesson later.

There will be no lessons during the official school-holidays.

Possible as soon as we have at least 4 participans.

If you are not able to come – then please send us this information either with an e-mail or with an sms. If there are less then 3 persons for the chesslesson, the we can cancel it for that day and will inform all the participants one day before.

The participants are responsible for the insurance. 

What you will learn in our chesscourses
Our teachers will adapt everything to the individuell level of our participants. In the courses for beginners and for the advanced we work with the “Stappenmethode”. This is a very good tool for learning all the basics and beyond them systematically in six steps.  We will have at least one element of playing in our chesscourses. A third part of the lesson will be instuctions from our trainers for the whole group with the beamer. You are kindly allowed to pose questions as much as you want during the lessons.
In our courses for tournament-players we work on special topics. For example we work on calculation of combinations and tactics or we try to improve the evaluation of certain positions. The trainer is also very helping in tips for an individual opening repertoire. There will be room for playing and analysing games from well chosen positions. All in all there will be a lot of creative thinking inside our chess-lessons for all levels.


For example: Wedesday 3-4pm
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